Meet Niusha

Starting off as the owner of a successful local business, it wasn’t long before Niusha’s innate passion for the property market began to take her in a different direction.

Having spent years building up her own significant real estate portfolio, Niusha’s love for the market and drive for success led her to pursue a full-time career as a real estate professional. Quick to find her niche in the luxury homes sector, Niusha has built a solid reputation for herself by using unique cross-market strategies to showcase exceptional homes to exclusive audiences. Her success is clearly illustrated by record-breaking sales in combination with minimal lead times.

Niusha’s background as a business owner gives her a unique perspective of the local demographic, offering her an edge over her competition. She believes that this knowledge—in combination with strong negotiation skills and meticulous attention to detail—allows her to successfully navigate her clients through a constantly evolving market in order to achieve their personal goals.

When not working one-on-one with clients, Niusha enjoys traveling around the world, always analyzing upcoming market trends and signals. At home, you will often find her taking part in local community events, or popping into her favorite pilates studio for a quick workout. After years of providing exceptional service to her community, Niusha above all finds joy in working with families and watching them make a house a home.

Thinking of selling?

With Niusha’s extensive reach in global marketing, local market expertise and network, she has created the ultimate cross-marketing strategy to showcase exceptional homes to the clients that appreciate them the most.

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Take a look behind the scenes as Niusha discusses her biggest sale and the power of social media on Coffee talk with Stallone Media.