Marketing your property

In the realm of real estate, entrusting the sale of your home to just anyone is a decision of paramount importance. That’s where Niusha stands out as the epitome of expertise and professionalism. What sets Niusha apart is her commitment to utilizing cutting-edge industry tools that elevate the selling process to new heights. With a meticulous approach and a keen eye for detail, she ensures that every aspect of your property is showcased to perfection, maximizing its appeal to potential buyers.

Professional Photography

Partnering with the most skilled professionals in real estate photography, Niusha offers captivating images that make homes truly shine amidst the competition. These striking visuals have garnered recognition in renowned architectural and design publications and are widely shared on social media platforms. This exposure not only attracts local buyers but also captures the interest of international investors.

Cinematic Video Experiences

Transforming the way your home is presented, imagine showcasing it like a movie. In today’s global real estate market, potential buyers often rely on representatives or family members to preview properties on their behalf, regardless of geographical distances. Our innovative Cinematic Video tours bridge this gap, enabling buyers to experience and connect with your home from anywhere in the world. This immersive virtual experience not only enhances the visibility of your listing but also ensures that your property receives the attention it truly deserves.

Social Media & Online Marketing

Harnessing the power of social media, we ensure your property receives unparalleled exposure. Each listing is meticulously shared on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, reaching a vast audience. Moreover, your home could feature in over 25 renowned real estate publications, including Pricey Pads, Dwell, Mansion Global, The Agency Blog and more. Niusha’s expertise guarantees maximum visibility for your property through our extensive digital network, comprising organic and strategically placed paid ads. This comprehensive approach ensures your home attains its highest value by reaching potential buyers through diverse and influential channels.

Open Houses & Private Showings

Tailoring our approach to your unique property, we develop a customized plan that accentuates its distinctive features. Each home is meticulously presented with professionalism and polish, focusing on highlighting every intricate detail. This hands-on approach guarantees that your property’s individuality is highlighted, attracting the right buyers and maximizing its appeal in the market.


Luxury Brochures

Recognizing the dedication homeowners invest in making their residences perfect, Niusha extends her commitment to detail. Upon listing, each client’s home is showcased through exquisite magazine-quality brochures. These brochures feature stunning photos and detailed information about the property, allowing potential buyers to take away a lasting impression. Niusha’s dedication ensures that the meticulous work put into your home continues to shine, capturing the attention of discerning buyers even after they leave the viewing.

Professional Floor Plans & Measurements

In today’s real estate market, precision is key, especially for discerning buyers. That’s why we prioritize accurate measurements and detailed floor plans for every property. Each home undergoes onsite measurements, resulting in computerized floor plans, including immersive 3D Matterport scans. This advanced technology ensures potential buyers experience your home virtually and gain a comprehensive understanding of its layout and dimensions, enhancing their confidence in making informed decisions.

Dedicated Landing Page

Your property will receive a dedicated online presence through its exclusive landing page. Here, all marketing materials, from captivating photos to cinematic videos and detailed floor plans, will be elegantly showcased in one centralized location. This tailored approach ensures potential buyers have easy access to comprehensive information, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of your home’s unique features.

Certified International Property Specialist

Certified International Property Specialists have the knowledge, research, network, and tools to globalize their business. Trained in real estate practices in North and South Americas, Western and Central, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and Africa, Niusha’s expertise covers both market information and the cultural and business information required to navigate global transactions successfully.

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™

Recognized as the mark of accomplishment in luxury markets around the world, the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS) designation assures affluent buyers and sellers that the agents who have earned it have the knowledge, experience, competence, and confidence they require.

The CLHMS™ designation is earned by Institute Members with documented sales performance in the top 10% of their market.